Wednesday, 20 April 2016

My Fashion Type. Which kind of fashion do i Like?

Being Comfortable with what you wear is my number #1 Fashion mantra. Knowing what looks good on me and experimenting with different styles of clothes is what makes my fashion identity.

I personally really love basic comfortable pieces of clothing that I can accessorize with a chunky necklace or a headband. My type of style is very casual, comfortable but at the same time extremely in cohesion to the latest trends. Wear clothes that bring out mine individualistic style.

When you dress to flatter your body type and mix different colours and prints you not only develop your unique style but you also increase your self confidence. You begin to love yourself and your creative outlook takes flight. Buy clothes you know you'll be able to pull off and be comfortable in.

I like fashion that can tell me a lot about the person, just by looking at her clothes, I like fashion that tells a story and brings out the most creative aspect of a woman's wardrobe. I probably never leave the house unless I'm absolutely sure of what I'm wearing, I don't dress to impress anybody or prove a point, I dress for myself , so I feel good in my own skin. 

Ladies, before leaving  the house look at your gorgeous self in the mirror and if you like what you see, that is all that matters!

--Written by
Ashavari Baral

Friday, 29 May 2015


I went to a mall some days back. Every showroom was loaded with summer clothes- maxi dresses, shorts, tank tops, jumpsuits, skirts, neon prints, animal prints and so much more. I mean, so much is available nowadays that it can easily cause a great dilemma especially if you are very clear about the idea of shopping that particular day. The same thing happened with me that day, I was so confused that at last I ended up buying three graphic tee’s ( ptsss…It was a buy 2 get one offer!) instead of buying a dress which had to be bought if you look at the pre-planned idea. See! This is what happens when you have so many options to choose from during summers…but I have it all for you! (How I wish I would have done that before…anyways, no regrets…) I have picked out top-10 “MUST-HAVE” summer outfits. Girls, have a look at this checklist and add it to your shopping list as soon as possible to prevent the consequences you know!


This simple and comfy bottom wear replaces your PJ’s in summers keeping you relaxed throughout the day. I always rely on capris if I want to go for casual outings. Whether it is morning or evening strolls, grocery store or yoga classes’ capris serve to all your daily needs.

These must be short but they don’t let you compromise in maintaining your style quotient. They give you a bold and sexy look; these are the ones to pick out on a hot summer day. Shorts are very useful when it comes to doing physical activity…you can’t run wearing an evening gown…can you?


Denims are what you call “evergreen” when it comes to picking out clothes. May it be any season; any reason denims should be ever-present in your wardrobe. It’s an all time “must-have”. So, if you want to look fabulous in a jiffy then you can always pull up you jeans and put on your dearest tee. As simple as a pie…isn’t it?


Once upon a time, a mom snatched this garment from her baby and became a fashion diva! How cruel! (Mommies please don’t mind I’m just kidding). Women can be oft-times seen donning this one piece garment in India. Jumpsuits have grown popular in the recent years and now almost every woman owns one! This chic outfit suits every body type if you choose the right one which doesn’t hugs to your skin. Just pair it up with a good sling, wedges, up do your hair in a bun and you’ll be ready to rock the day!


These relaxing pants with quirky prints and colorful drawstrings are liked by all. Just tuck in your favorite loose fitted top inside these pants, sport it with a stylish bag and look trendy, sassy as always!

  Can’t wait to see who’ll top the list? Ignite the curiosity a little more and wait till next post…until then keep guessing what else will make it to the list!

Thursday, 28 May 2015


You must have already realized that I am quite good at keeping promises. Ok! Ok! I will leave that boasting business for later. Anyways, made any guesses yet? Well, let’s see how many of them turn out true. Now, owing to my promise and without killing any more of your precious time, here’s your very own ‘must-have’ outfit list-

10 KAFTAN TOPS              

From kaftans to kaftan tops another great example of fusion wear. Kaftan tops are ‘in vogue’ both in eastern and western countries. These long tops are made with light materials like cotton, cashmere and georgette which keep you cool as a cucumber even during a scorching hot summer day. Its open and comfortable stitch acts as a pro. Get your kaftan top today and get set to become the diva of ethnicity!

9. Crop Tops

This is the freshest trend in fashion-town. With its bold and spiffy appearance it has taken over quite quickly. If you are totally unconventional and contemporary then this is the one for you. Pair it up with high waist skirts, shorts, leather pants or palazzos for voguish attire.

8. Skirts

Summers are incomplete without skirts. If you ask me about my favorite bottom wear, then skirts will always be the answer. Peplum skirts, mullet skirts, slit skirts, midis, suspender skirts, asymmetrical skirts and what not! So, this summer get yourself loaded with a medley of skirts. If you want to look girly and gorgeous at the same time, then nothing can beat a decent skirt paired up with elegant accessories. It isn’t on the 3rd position for nothing! Select the style that suits you the best and get these all time popular bottom-wear today! Here’s the picture of this girl wearing asymmetrical leather skirt and a crop top.
7. Dresses

Can you imagine a summer without dresses? I think it would be horrible to even imagine that! Maxi dresses are the current obsession amoung girls. Ruffle dresses, skater dresses and fusion dresses with ethnic prints are also gaining popularity. Dresses speak for themselves; you don’t have to load yourself with accessories while wearing one. Just wear some simple add-ons, matching heels or wedges and you’ll be ready to flaunt yourself to the world
6. Palazzos

From young teenagers to old grannies everyone can wear these marvelous pants, and it is one of the reasons why palazzos have secured #1 in this ‘must-have’ list. Women with all body types feel at their best after wearing these wide legged bottoms. Its light fabric and roomy stitch acts as a bonus, this makes the garment more airy and gives the wearer utmost comfort. Pop any of your loose-fitted tops inside these pants, tie your hair in a pony or bun, wear matching flats, accessorize with a quirky scarf and large hooves; there you are ready with your palazzos!

Now you are all set with your top-10 essential weapons to beat the heat this summer. No more confusion and dilemma about what to dress in!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Future fashion, fusion fashion

Future fashion has always been a fusion of trends from various parts of the world; all the old designs come back with a creative twist on the fashion ramps and soon on the streets. Just Google ‘latest Indian fashion trends’ and you will find a tremendous amount of information on the experiments designers are doing nowadays with Indian and western wear and making fusion wear an obsession amongst the youth.  
Indian prints and designs have taken the fashion industry by storm; it was evident in the recent Lakme Fashion Week 2014 held in Lahore, Pakistan. Many designers fused saris with western prints, patterns and paired them up with quirky accessories and blouses. Here are some of the ‘saris with a twist’ from the Lakme fashion Show.

Indian traditional clothing is gaining immense popularity internationally also.  Stella Jean Fall 2015 was based on the lines of fusion wear which is in vogue. The main theme of the collection was Himalayas. It included western outfits with elaborate embroideries inspired by Indian Pietra Dura motif. Embroideries have been a favourite when you talk about fusion.

Talking of fusion fashion, the trendy concept is not only limited to ramp models. The fashionistas too love to adorn the fusion style. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone have been spotted sporting the fusion look last year during the Guild Awards. She wore a stunning black and blue lace lehenga by Shehla khan which went very well with earrings and other accessories.
Play Clan’s new sari collection has challenged all the odds. The offbeat saris have attracted many people with their geometric and tribal prints. These saris exhibit monuments, tribes, traditions and famous icons of India. This collection is definitely going to lure you with all the vibrancy and the patterns.


Talking of fusion fashion, it is not restricted to the celebrities and the ramp. The fusion look is now visible on the streets too. It has become a much loved style in the colleges. It not only looks very trendy but it is very comfortable as well.

If you’re looking at exploring this trend then you can get a wide variety of floral, geometric and Indian prints here that would go perfectly well with jeans, skirts, pants, palazzos….actually almost anything! If you want something that stands out from the madding crowd for daily or occasional needs, then try going chic in fusion.

Team it up with printed bandanas as headgears. Jhola bags would go wonderfully well with it along with kolhapuri sorts footwear. Unkempt hair, some rustic bangles, an anklet, wear a pair of cuff earrings, a touch of kohl in your pretty eyes and you’re good to flaunt your very hippie and uber cool fusion look.

What is your favourite fusion look?

Indian patchwork, sari borders and designs were given a modish twist in Silhouettes 2015, Mumbai. Eccentric accessories and shoes gave these designs a completely fabulous look. You would agree with us after you get a glimpse of the event in these images.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Just Pair it up right!

It is very important to pair things up just perfectly whenever it comes to choosing a dress that you are going to wear for the rest of the day. I mean you can’t go to your office wearing a funny combination of shorts, formal shirt and heavy sport shoes…weird huh? So, the moral of the story is that you just have to ‘PAIR IT UP RIGHT’. 

Shoes are the second priority for women after clothes, they just can’t get enough of it! Bellies, sandals, wedges, boots, sport shoes, pencil heels etc. It is too much to handle! Now the question is how to pair up the shoes right? Well, don’t worry because this blog post is going to cure your shoe hurdle for sure……..

BOOTS look amazingly good with skirts, shorts and jeans. They enhance the whole attire and give a bold and rough appearance. But, along comes the drawback that you cannot pair them up with palazzos, gowns or any Indian wear like suits and saris (you know that! Don’t you?)  

BELLIES are very popular among women nowadays as they pair up with almost any outfit whether it is skirts, jeans, shorts, palazzos or the Indian salwar suits. They lie in the must have category in every female wardrobe.
If you love to dress up funky and look cool, PRINTED CANVAS SHOES are the one for you. Just like boots it can be teamed up with skirts, jeans and shorts and in case you don’t want to fall prey to any pair up error with your canvas shoes just follow the drawback guidelines given for boots…!
In my opinion, GLADIATOR SANDALS are the most ideal sandals for a hot sunny day. They are made with multiple straps giving a beautiful feminine look. These go perfectly well with dresses and skirts. Please don’t do a blunder of wearing your long gladiators with pants, jeans or anything that covers up your legs.

 It is not difficult to see women in India wearing SPORT SHOES with salwar suits to work or even when they are visiting outside! You would see that Bittu’s granny and Bua in comic TV series Comedy Nights with Kapil also wear sport shoes…but think! Their attire is made to make the public laugh! You don’t have to make a laughing stock out of yourself so, please team up your sport shoes only with tracks, pajamas, pants and jeans. Don’t fret if you feel comfy in shoes and can’t wear them with other outfits just try the modern alternative-slip on shoes, they go with almost anything except saris.

How can I forget STILETTOS when I am writing about shoes! These are on the favorite list in every woman’s mind. You can pair these sexy heels with everything except tracksuits, exercise outfits and night suits. Well, you will never in the life feel the need of wearing your stilettos with these!
I hope your shoe hurdle is not a hurdle anymore. Now, this time whenever you step out JUST PAIR IT UP RIGHT!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Junk is Beautiful

Decorating your body is a very fascinating opportunity. Only you can creatively understand what suits you the best. I feel jewelry is such an adornment that it makes a woman look dainty and adorable at the same time. She can express in so many ways through jewelry. She can tell you how delicate and fragile she is and can show the bold person in her. Elegance can also be her taste but funky can make her look the best. Well, jewelry can play a lot of expressions. But without jewelry a girl’s wardrobe and life is very empty, rather I should say it’s not possible to be deprived of jewelry. A little trinket here and there is a girl’s identification.

When talking about trinkets necklaces have killed the fashion streets. It’s just not the color but intricate designs are very attractive. I remember seeing a woman the other day wearing a long body chain over her casual black top; she was all set to party wearing that piece of jewelry. Isn’t that commendable?
In fact the jeweled scarf is another beautiful invention in neck pieces.  It’s a pretty view to see a necklace and scarf separately but it is an amazing choice to beautify your clothes with both at the same time. When talking about neck pieces pendants have evolved over the years. It’s not just hearts and dolphins anymore... Owls, elephants, mucchi, chappals are the most trending pendants. The funky look is doing so well in jewelry and can be explored further.

I must say earrings have also moved to a new level of artistic creation. Ear cuffs are very trending these days. It’s just one ear cuff for jewelry and you are standing out of the crowd. There are so many intricately designed varieties in these, some are in the form of a lizard or snake while some are flowers and leaves entangled together. I am personally very fascinated towards the dangling ear cuffs with pointed ends; it’s appearance is very bold and beautiful.  


 Well there is no end to junk jewelries but if I really want to brag there importance I can’t let go off the bangles, bracelets and hand cuffs. In the plethora of jewelry one has to have a set of bangles and bracelets to complement your neck piece and outfits. Bracelets have become so diverse, right from simple beads to metallic finish, there are many choices. Dangling one’s are pretty on delicate hands where as the tight bracelets and hand cuffs are just the choice for the not delicate ones. Hand cuffs are also very trending and well suited with western and traditional outfits.

Many more trinkets that make way into our trinket boxes are nose rings with very dainty designs, the anklet on either leg or the use of hair accessories to complete the beautification. Accessorizing yourself can be very intriguing, its how many or

how less is the main question along with what matches what. If we can solve the mystery of whether this will suit me isn’t enough, whether it will distinguish my fashion styling is what we want. Now a days you do not have to pay a huge amount to get these junkies in your jewelry box, streets are full of them; you just need to be street smart to get the right rate for your jewelry. How much you shop for jewelries, it can never suffice your desire. Let’s get street smart and loot the best possible accessories for ourselves.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hop out of the wardrobe muddle!

Well, there is this one issue that every woman in this whole universe ponders upon & their heart sinks like the Titanic when they open their wardrobe, the issue of ‘I’ve nothing to wear’. We are sure you must have faced this situation too. So, we are here for your rescue with these top tips to get rid of the confusing wardrobe muddle….

The first and the foremost thing is to change your perspective towards your wardrobe. Don’t treat your wardrobe like a dull little box full of boring clothes. Instead, treat your wardrobe like a beautiful store full of attractive dresses and try to pair them up with matching accessories, shoes and show all the creativity you have by trying on different experiments with your clothes.
Nowadays, from simple mobile applications to human being everything needs an update then why not your own wardrobe? Toss out all the old fashion stuff which is most probably not needed without hoping for the fashion to come back. Plus, you can buy latest fashion wear from the money you get by selling them off! Or if you are philanthropist sort of person you can give them as a charity or as a giveaway.

Sorting the things out is the most necessary when it comes to managing wardrobe. Make different bundles or sections of lowers, skirts, tops, party wear, daily wear and undergarments. The left over place can be used to keep jewelry and bags. This simple categorization helps to get rid of the daily hassle and things turn out easy than usual.
Ask yourself this question and if the answer is a ‘NO’ then, don’t think over it twice just throw it away without waiting for a magic that would make the dress fit in suddenly and remember- Don’t get emotional while doing this!!
Maybe, after all the clean up your wardrobe gets short of clothes…this calls for some shopping! This would really be a treat for all the girls out there, a reason to shop, what more can you ask for? But then most of us have an enemy called ‘time’ and that’s when online shopping comes to your rescue. An added advantage- you can buy the latest fashion in the market which may not be available in your city. You can really call that a ‘steal’.
“I have been shopping all my life but still have nothing to wear”, a common statement by almost every woman. Girls are obsessed with clothes and can never get enough of it and guess what’s the result? Too many clothes! The best solution is a wardrobe manager app. Here, you can click photos of your clothes, post it and manage your wardrobe online. It will also pick out dresses for you on a daily basis so you don’t have to waste your time.

Hope you don’t come up with any wardrobe problems after reading this post…..Wishing you a happy shopping because you’d never have enough clothes & then a very happy wardrobe managing!!